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Pandora Tranquil is now Another Hero

2011-03-11 18:04:50 by Pandora-Tranquil

Don't take that figuratively. Pandora Tranquil is now an_hero, and after about 5 years of doing music on the side, I decided I am an idiot for not just shooting for that as a career. I wasted 2 years, moving to NY and getting a degree in Computer Science, only to move to FL, and now back to NC, where I will (finally) be taking this like a job. I have (again, finally) moved out of Fruity Loops Studio, and into Cubase 5 (if I wasn't poor, it'd be Cubase 6 trust me).

I can't really tell you what genre I am now, but if I had to take a stab at it, it'd be Electronica/Trance/Dubstep/Pop

ONLY A FEW SELECT TRACKS WILL BE UPLOADED ON HERE, if you want to hear all the music, you can check my website :-)

Love you guys!


Pandora Tranquil is now An Hero

Let it be known:

2009-06-11 08:58:33 by Pandora-Tranquil

Approximately 3 minutes after I submitted my song Charming Embrace today, it received a vote. Leaving the score at zero. So basically it was voted zero before it even got the chance to be heard. Gotta love it!

Do newgrounds a favor, vote 5, or vote zero. because the zero voters (which amaze me with their continuous dedication) make it impossible for a realistic average lol.

Anywaysssssssss, good day.

Just so its clear, I do not, and have never (aside from splicing up drum loops) used loops in any of my music, unless specifically stated in the song description (which I think may be one song). I work mostly with synth presets but I do edit the presets, and other then that, everything is 100% me.

Also, I have very evil feelings towards "artists" who use loops to produce music and then call it their own song.... :-)

Thats all, thanks for listening!
Oh and if you don't know already I use fruity loops 6 XXL Edition to produce my music (with a lot of outside synths, and occasionally audacity for guitar stuff)

Rating list

2007-07-28 23:16:14 by Pandora-Tranquil

Here are pretty much the only "good" songs by me on this website, check them out, give a review, but for god sakes, if you listen to any of the songs on here listen to these:

1. Transcape (DNB \ Trance Hybrid)
2. Effluent Dream (Trance)
3. Wilted Dreams (Experimental Trance)
4. Breathing (Ambient\Movie BG Music)
5. Darude Sand Storm Remix (Remix\Dance\Trance)
6. Gateway (DNB\Dance)
7. Chamber of Hate (Evil DNB Loop)

well my friends and fans, I put up a DNB Trance hybrid again, its called Transcape and I really like it myself, I included vocals but I lost them.... :-( but yea.

check it out!

and review I love reviews and those who give them

New Musak, full songs for once