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2007-07-28 23:16:14 by Pandora-Tranquil

Here are pretty much the only "good" songs by me on this website, check them out, give a review, but for god sakes, if you listen to any of the songs on here listen to these:

1. Transcape (DNB \ Trance Hybrid)
2. Effluent Dream (Trance)
3. Wilted Dreams (Experimental Trance)
4. Breathing (Ambient\Movie BG Music)
5. Darude Sand Storm Remix (Remix\Dance\Trance)
6. Gateway (DNB\Dance)
7. Chamber of Hate (Evil DNB Loop)


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2007-07-29 16:16:05

PM me for more info on the album.


2007-08-07 13:24:16

Uh, what about that DANCE! Beta? Will that ever get finished? Cuz that was pretty good song....

(Updated ) Pandora-Tranquil responds:

nope :-P sorry, I never actually tried to finish it....

I know I should do more stuff of that style, but idk im just so freaking lazy sometimes.

thanks though lol


2007-09-29 22:50:07

I love "Forgive Me Newgrounds!".

Pandora-Tranquil responds:

Thank you! I didnt think it got noticed haha.