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2009-06-11 08:58:33 by Pandora-Tranquil

Approximately 3 minutes after I submitted my song Charming Embrace today, it received a vote. Leaving the score at zero. So basically it was voted zero before it even got the chance to be heard. Gotta love it!

Do newgrounds a favor, vote 5, or vote zero. because the zero voters (which amaze me with their continuous dedication) make it impossible for a realistic average lol.

Anywaysssssssss, good day.


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2009-06-11 11:59:28

And a good day to you, sir.


2009-06-27 22:33:39

I know how you feel *pat-pat* though I am sure most of my 'music' does deserve Zero-vote lol. I love your work though! your great!


2009-10-07 04:45:50

You and I both know they are just highly jealous of your talent. I say with any and all credibility I may have that you are an excellent and original musician. I can take it outside with anyone who disagrees and duel the banjos wood to face style. HAI!

Pandora-Tranquil responds:

Haha philjo you're the best.


2010-08-28 18:12:29

your music is still fucking incredible, so I think it's safe to say that the scores of your songs are irrelevant